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Throughout my life over the years
I've seen too many peoples' tears
Now, I'll Be Silent No Longer
To date, you know I've seen enough
Watching the privileged playing tough
I can Be Silent No Longer
So now, when I hear someone speak
Ill of the poor, the different, the weak
I will Be Silent No Longer
If I see injustice done
The ninety- nine kept down by the one
I shall Be Silent No Longer
People, families are living in our streets
Unable to overcome their defeats
Let us Be Silent No Longer
Food is snatched from the mouths of our young
The battle for them has just begun
We should Be Silent No Longer
When we are hated, we are loathed
For whom we love, to whom we're betrothed
Just Be Silent No Longer
Some of our faiths have been proclaimed
Evil, wrong, and simply profane
By your God, Be Silent No Longer
And when some are given no respect
As though they have no rights to protect
Be Bold and Be Silent No Longer
When we are barred from getting in
Because of our birth or because of our skin
We can Be Silent No Longer
When stereotypes are supported as true
By any one about a group or a few
Stand up! and Be Silent No Longer
When authorities take the upper hand
And black men and women's lives are taken again, and again, and again, and again
Protest and Be Silent No Longer
Our civil rights are being crushed
As some try to keep our voices hushed
VOTE and Be Silent No Longer
Our treasured Vets are being ignored
Rather than cared for and honored
Nation, Be Silent No Longer
We all know money cannot speak
Protect or defend the humble, the meek
So we must Be Silent No Longer
We must do what ever we can
To save and protect our fellow man
Tell others to Be Silent No Longer
Stop the destruction of our earth
Put profits last and all life first
Together, Be Silent No Longer
We Must tame the warring beast
Join me as I Declare World Peace
Let us All Be Silent No Longer
We must not ever fear defeat
There is no challenge we cannot meet
If we Be Silent No Longer
Let all our voices gather and rise
Up to the heavens and fill the sky
Shout! Be Silent No Longer
Yes, we must stand with those who fight
For what is humane and what is right
We are here and growing stronger
Because we will Be Silent No Longer
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Story Behind the Song:
Be Silent No Longer
This poem started as a response to the Occupy movement. As I listened to the news day after day I realized that there was more than one issue to speak about, to act upon, to bring to light. I took a four verse poem and built on it week after week. Until, I realized that it has a life of its own that can go on and on and on. That's when I stopped. I resisted the urge to address more issues. So, if you don't hear your cause addressed or articulated, know that it is in our hearts.
The Brickley Bray Project
Lyric Credits: Diane E. B. Bray
Music Credits: William Bray
Producer Credits: William Bray
Publisher Credits: Diamond Flower Studios Ltd.
Performance Credits: The Brickley Bray Project
Label Credits: Diamond Flower Candy
Song Length: 4:10
Primary Genre: Spoken Word-General
Secondary Genre: Pop-Alternative
Tempo / Feel: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Civil Rights
Subject Matter 2: Encouragement
Mood 1: Disconcerted
Mood 2: Enraged
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later